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The Life of a Medical Student

Starting medical school has proven to be the biggest challenge I have faced so far. After just the first few weeks, I felt not only my mind being tested, but also my will. As a class, we were informed that medical school would consume our lives, and I initially refused to believe it, but I have since understood the meaning of that and I am working day by day to maintain a proper life-work balance as I make my way onto my dream career.
Here I will document my medical school journey with a series of introspective pieces to represent my experiences in "The Life of a Medical Student."
The Mind of a Medical Student
why isn't anyone ever just whelmed?
The Uncertainty of a Medical Student
trying to fill the White Coat
The Temptation of a Medical Student
split personalites
The Isolation of a Medical Student
no matter how close we are, sometimes we still feel alone
The Creation of a Medical Student
future goals giving life to a dying present
The Preoccupation of a Medical Student
in pursuit of learning to heal, we may forget those we love
The Match of a Medical Student
the match that matters most is probably not on a dating app
The Differentiation of a Medical Student
trying on specialties until one fits right
The Quarantine of a Medical Student
socially distant throughout match, graduation, and residency
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